13 SSB Sced info of the Bodyguard

SSB Sced info Bodyguard

During our trip regular contacts via our SSB HF amateur stations are made. Depending on our activities (onshore / daytrip or passage sailing) and the radio propagation to / from our actual position, the operating times will change.

If you are interested in contacting our station PA3DKT (Dennis) or PA3HFF (Ank) check this site regularly.

The ships working conditions are:

Transceiver: ICOM IC-7000, normally running at 80Watts.
Antenna: A part (14 meter) of our backstay - rigging of the mast - is isolated and used as antenna.
Antenna tuner: Smart tuner SGS-237.


We have finished our trip, so no sceds from SY-Bodyguard